Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Elementary Education/Sociology

Mrs. Melissa Hurst

WELCOME TO FOURTH GRADE!!!!  WHAT A SPECIAL YEAR IT IS GOING TO BE!!!!!!  Mrs.Hurst graduated from Steinert High School in 1998 and received her teaching degree from the College of New Jersey in 2002.  She began her career at Robinson Elementary School as a first grade teacher in 2002 as well.  After three years, she had the opportunity to change grade levels and became one of three kindergarten teachers.  In July of 2005 Mrs. Hurst got married, and on New Year's Day 2008 she welcomed her son, Tyler Kenneth Hurst!  In the Fall of 2008, Mrs. Hurst embarked upon yet another amazing journey when she became a staff member at Langtree Elementary School.  Five years later, on October 11, 2013, Tyler became a big brother to Ethan Charles!  Having two boys (one that is a sophomore at Steinert, and one that is in 4th grade at Alexander) keeps her very busy...but she loves every minute!  A few summers ago, she and her family traveled to Greensboro, NC to see Tyler run the 1500m in the National Jr. Olympics!!!!! She had a beautiful 10 year old Goldendoodle named Isabelle, and a new puppy named Bryce, who is almost one and already 100 lbs!!!! 
Mrs. Hurst has been "Lovin' Langtree" for 16 years now, and is happy to be teaching fourth grade!!!  
Her hobbies include: reading, scrapbooking, video editing, photography, dancing and DISNEY!!!  They say sometimes you get homesick for a place you have never lived...this is how she feels about Walt Disney World after 35+ trips! She has become, to the disappointment of others, a lover and Phanatic of the Phillies, and a die-hard Eagles fan!  She is a current Hamilton resident, and also a former Hamilton student.  
*My ultimate responsibility as a teacher is to bring out the best in students.
*I'll treat you with the utmost respect--the same way I expect you to treat myself and your friends.
*I'll do everything in my power to create the best possible classroom atmosphere...
one where I can teach, and you can learn.
*I'll be consistent in maintaining high academic standards while supporting my belief 
that there's no substitution for hard work.
*Whenever possible, I'll try to connect school to the larger world outside. I'll teach "life lessons" 
along with the academic lessons in each course.
*I'll make myself available to help you in both academics, and personal matters.