About Langtree Elementary School

  • The staff members of Langtree School are dedicated to providing a quality educational program which addresses the academic, physical, social and emotional growth of all our students. As a neighborhood school that serves a widely diverse cross section of the Hamilton Township community, we help children in grades Kindergarten through 5 develop respect for themselves and others, responsibility for their own behavior, and the resourcefulness to effectively put their skills and abilities to work in the community. Through our initiatives in the areas of multi-cultural and character education Langtree School was proud to be a recipient of the New Jersey 1999-2000 “Best Practices Award and the 2008 recipient of a CEP National School of Character Award. Langtree School is an inclusive school providing all children with a quality educational program. Individual differences are celebrated as a source of richness and diversity.

    The Langtree School facility is a one story building with 21 standard classrooms, an excellent library/media center, an art/music group instruction room and a multipurpose area which is used as a cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, and for additional classroom space. In an ongoing effort to enhance technology and enrich the learning environment for our students the building is provided with computers in each K-5 classroom, four laptop carts, printers, smart boards, document cameras and other state of the art instructional equipment. Our library/media center is also equipped with three computers. 

    Our program of instruction includes an integrated approach to language arts literacy. Students participate in a 90 minute literacy block which includes whole group instruction, small guided reading groups and literacy stations. Developmental writing programs are present at all grade levels. Our mathematics program is standards based and provides 60 minutes daily of mathematical concept development and practice. The content areas of Science and Social Studies are taught through projects, hands on activities and experiments. All curriculum areas are taught in the context of the Common Core Standards.

    With the help of the PTA, our educational program is supplemented with a number of other activities such as cultural arts assemblies, book fairs, and field trips to encourage quality first hand life experiences. 

    In addition to daily classroom instruction, Langtree School provides a number of special area resource programs in which eligible students may participate. All grade levels have the advantage of specialists in art, vocal music, library instruction and physical education. Students in grades kindergarten through five receive in class instruction in American Sign Language. Others may be eligible to become involved in such programs as Basic Skills instruction, speech therapy, ESL (English Second Language), ALPS (Advanced Learning Program for Students), occupational therapy, physical therapy and instrumental music based on their grade levels, varying talents, individual needs and abilities. To increase involvement in core areas of our curriculum Langtree School is proud to offer our families the opportunity to participate in Family Math, Family Science, Family and Tools and Technology nights.

    Our elementary guidance program is designed to help our students learn the personal and social skills of cooperation, decision making, and conflict resolution by developing positive attitudes and engaging in activities which enrich their lives and the lives of others. 

    Of course, none of the goals of the school’s educational programs would be possible without the active involvement of parents. With their support we will continue to raise the bar at Langtree and rise to the challenge of developing and implementing a quality educational program designed to equip our students for successful and productive lives.

    Building History

    The name is a legend in the annuals of our community.  Usually a tax collector is not a very popular individual in any municipality.  However, this was not the case with Collector Harold A. Sutterley.  Working his way through Rider College, he graduated with honors at the age of 18 years old and took office during the early 1930's. Hamilton was then a community of various small community centers; the total population did not exceed 25,000 people.  When many NJ municipalities were paying teachers by script, Sutterley, as Collector and Treasurer, arranged with the local banks to borrow enough each month to pay our teachers.  He then arranged with local industries to pay their taxes in advance to meet the loans.
    Hundreds and hundreds of homeowners faced with the dread prospect of losing their homes for unpaid taxes were aided by Mr. Sutterley.  During his tenure he advocated and put into practice a plan for partial payment of taxes.  This plan saved these homes for our citizens and was later adopted as law by the State Legislature. The esteem in which Harold A Sutterley was held by the voters of Hamilton Township was indicated each time he stood for re-election.  He was elected and re-elected from 1931-1962.   Harold A. Sutterley was a dedicated public official and an honorable man who was respected and admired.  He was a man with compassion and learned early in life the real meaning of aiding thy neighbor. It is fitting and proper that Langtree School is dedicated as a lasting memorial to a man who has left a lasting mark in our community and Hamilton Township.
    Joseph C. Pirozzi was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1902 and as a boy was industrious, thoughtful and charitable.  One of eight children, he was accustomed to working and helping his younger brothers and sisters.  During his lifetime he was always a big brother to whomever he met.  He was interested in all kinds of people and was an ardent worker for the Catholic Charities, the United Jewish Appeal, and the Italian Charities for America.
    Mr. Pirozzi, a contractor and builder during his lifetime, did much work during the Second World War in Norfolk, Virginia for which he received a commendation from the Federal Government.  In addition, he received a commendation from the New York Urban League for his work in construction of apartments in the city of New York.  Joseph Pirozzi came to the Township of Hamilton in 1952 and purchased The Philip S. May farm on Klockner Road and White-Horse Hamilton Square Road.  He began construction of what is now Langtree Estates just prior to his passing away in November, 1956.  The project was then taken over by his sons, Jack and Neil, and 475 homes have been constructed to date.  His widow, Mrs. Florence Pirozzi, generously donated the 14.5 acres on which Langtree School is built.
    It is fitting and proper that Langtree School is dedicated as a lasting memorial to a man whose family generously gave the land upon which it is constructed.