Google Apps For Education

  • Google Workspace for Education is a cloud-based environment for collaborating with others in a variety of programs,  including shared word processor, spreadsheet, and many others.

     The HTSD Google Apps domain is a secure environment for sharing with others in the school district. HTSD's core set of Google Apps, for use in its secure Domain:

    • Gmail For Students:  An email service provided by Google.  Email storage is unlimited.  Students emails are limited to send and receive only to other HTSD email addresses (and a few select outside senders approved by administration).  This email account will be considered the student's official HTSD email address until such time the student is no longer enrolled in HTSD.  Email will be given to students in Grades 6 and above. 
    • Google Drive:  This service allows students to organize their files that are created in G.A.F.E.  
    • Google Classroom:  An online classroom management tool that allows teachers to collect assignments paperlessly. 
    • Google Docs: This service is an online word processing program. Since this application is online, users can collaborate on docs simultaneously. 
    • Google Spreadsheets:  This service is an online spreadsheet program.  Since this application is online, users can collaborate on docs simultaneously.
    • Google Presentations:  This service is an online presentation program.  Since this application in online, users can collaborate on presentations/slides simultaneously.

    Which Students Will Be Given Access to Google Apps for Education?

    • All students will be given access to Google Apps for Education.
    • Students in Grades 6 - 12 will be given an email address associated with their Google Apps for Education account. 
      • Email accounts are set to receive email from other HTSD staff and students only
      • Students will not be able to send email to users outside of HTSD.

    Why Is the District Providing These Tools to Students?

    It is important for our students to remain competitive and connected in the 21st century.  Technology has become interwoven in many facets of our lives.  It is vital that our students have experience with these tools in an educational setting.

    Google Apps for Education will:

    • Allow our students to practice using current technology applications and tools.
    • Give our students tools to facilitate planning and time management skills.
    • Help our students reduce the need for paper based communication.
    • Provide our students with large storage mediums for their work.  All students will receive unlimited Google Apps for Education storage while enrolled in the Hamilton Township School District.
    • Allow our students to work collaboratively with one another (engage in peer editing, etc.).


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