Parent Information for students in the

    Drivers' Education Classroom, our Simulator Program or in the BTW car.


    All students will be offered the three-tiered Drivers' Education program.  The first tier is 30 hours of classroom work in 10th grade health. Each student will study the NJMVC drivers' manual to in order to pass their permit exam.  Students are scheduled for the second and third tier based on their study hall / lunch period and the students' age.  The second tier is the simulator program.  While in the simulator, the students will learn the safe, courteous, defensive driving techniques and strategies.  After successfully completing the simulator program, all students who have passed the written permit exam, move to the third tier.  Finally, the third tier is when the student is scheduled for the behind the wheel training.  This is a six-hour program, consisting of three hours of actual driving experience and three hours of observation.


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