Counseling Corner : Tips to Help Families During Remote Learning

  • Here are some tips on how to help your child succeed at Langtree Elementary School

    What you can do at the school:

    • Complete the Online Parent Portal
    • Get to know your child's teachers
    • Stay in communication with his/her teachers through their email
    • Attend Back to School Night and Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • Be involved in your child's school by attending school events, volunteering at events or if possible in the classroom, and joining the PTA as well as attending PTA meetings
    • Stay up to date with what is going on by viewing the Online Backpack and teacher websites
    • Follow Langtree Elementary on Facebook and Twitter @LangtreeSchool
    • Reach out to the School Counselor, School Nurse, School Principal or Main Office when you have any questions or concerns

    What you can do at home:

    • Talk with your child every day/night about how his/her day went at school
    • Set aside family time without electronics (that goes for you too!)
    • Practice using Growth Mindset at home by reading some books from the list, watching movies with positive messages of overcoming obstacles or rewording how you respond/react to questions/situations
    • Make sure your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour to receive adequate amount of rest, especially during PARCC season! (this means no elecrtonics in the bedroom either)
    • Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, packs or buys a nutritious lunch, and ends the day with a hearty dinner
    • Unfortunately in today's world, everyone is affected by stress, even your child so practicing relaxation techniques together came help calm down those feelings
  • Here are a few websites to help foster

    Social-Emotional Learning and Growth in your child:


    • Self-Esteem - Here is a webpage from that focuses on children's self-esteem. This link will redirect you to a new window.