• Welcome,

    So you want to learn how to drive? Well, you've come to the right place! 

    First, you must complete classroom driver education and pass the New Jersey Written State Examination. Now you are ready to take the Simulator class. What is the Simulator class?

    The Simulator class is a progressive, non-threatening off-road virtual driving experience that prepares you for the emotional and mental aspects of actual driving. You must hand in the permit application paperwork, complete the time requirement, and score the minimum average of 80% or above. You must also pass the school nurse's vision test with 20/50 for both eyes. Once you've accomplished that, you can be scheduled for "Behind-The-Wheel" training.

    "Behind-The-Wheel" training is on the road driving instruction with a certified teacher in a dual brake-controlled motor vehicle. You will learn how to build confidence in driving through various environments and conditions. At the end of your unit, you will be given your permit to be validated at Motor Vehicle Services so you can begin practice driving with your parents. You will be awarded a certified trained driver card which will allow you to receive a discount on your insurance premium.

    Parents and teen drivers are encouraged to attend our bi-annual "Share the Keys" program for valuable insight to assist with transitioning from the permit stage of driving through the basic licensing process. 

    Over the last four years, our Comprehensive Driver Safety Program, (CDSP), received grants from the National and New Jersey Highway Traffic Safety Administrations to replace our existing 40-year-old driving simulator systems at all three High Schools.  Five years ago, we were generously given a donation by the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company for our driver safety initiatives to improve our facilities.  We also won the 2013 Traffic Safety Excellence for Education Award given by the Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) located at Rutgers University.  We are now in our 41st year of Teen Driver Safety.

    DRIVING A MOTOR VEHICLE IS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY THAT YOU MUST TAKE SERIOUSLY! You must operate your vehicle safely, make sure your vehicle is always properly maintained and that you deliver your passengers safely to their destination. You must obey all the rules and regulations because your family and friends are counting on you to be a safe driver!

    Good Luck!
    Mr. Pete Capone