Library Sign-up Form

  • Use the chart below to sign up to come to the library during your study or lunch period. (Eat before you visit! No food allowed.)

    1. Check the schedule to make sure the library is open when you want to visit
    2. Click the button for the correct period and fill out the Google Form (make sure you're signed in with your SCHOOL email address)
    3. By signing in, you agree to observe all library policies while in the library.
    Library Policies:
    ****Check in with the librarian when you arrive. (Make eye contact and say your name.)****
    ***No food or drink is allowed! (Covered water only.)***
    **The library space is a place to complete work, do research, and find books.**


    This Week's Schedule:

    On regular school days, the library is open from 7:30am-2:50pm.
    Check the main school page for changes to the bell schedule.

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