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    Homework: Homework is assigned daily, Monday through Thursday. Unless otherwise indicated, all homework is due the following day. Expect 30-60 minutes of homework per night. This may vary if a child is unable to complete an assignment in a reasonable amount of time during class, thus resulting in the work being sent home to complete. Please make sure all assignments are completed regularly.

    Classwork: Students are expected to work on class assignments in a timely manner in order to accomplish tasks. Since we have students at all different academic levels in here, it is expected that some students may not be able to finish as quickly as anticipated. Ample opportunities will be given at various times during the day for a student to catch up. If, however, this is a continuous problem for a student, or if the student was socializing rather than focusing on their work, they may be required to stay in for recess or take the assignment home to complete it.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures: On the first day of school, we brainstormed rules that we felt would help make our classroom a safe and caring learning environment. These rules are now posted in our classroom. I have also established some positive reinforcenments in the classroom.

    -Class Dojo – a technology app that is used to build a positive classroom environment and track student behavior.