• Volume 1

    Your child will be receiving an activity book that will remain in school. The entire book is available online. Click the image above to view/print pages for review or practice.

    Once on the page:

    You can click the "Table of Contents" icon at the top and select the unit and lesson we are on. This enables you to view/print the pages we completed in class.



    Click here ------> homework and remembering. You can view/print the page of the unit and lesson we are on.


    Below are all the units we will be completing throughout the year.


    UNIT 1

    Multiplication and Division with 0-5, 9, and 10

    UNIT 2

    Multiplication and Division with 6's, 7's, 8's and Multiply with Multiples of 10

    UNIT 3

    Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    UNIT 4

    Fractions, Time, and Data

    UNIT 5

    Measurement and Fractions

    UNIT 6

    Write Equations to Solve Word Problems

    UNIT 7

    Measurement and Polygons