• 1. What is all of this talk about Social - Emotional Learning (SEL)?  Your child is learning about it and so should you!  Click on the 2 links below to learn about this new topic that Langtree Bulldogs are raving about this year! The website will redirect you to a new window.

    Social - Emotional Learning Website

    Committee for Children - Social Emotional Learning Website

    CASEL - What is SEL?


    2. Move This World - 

    "Move This World’s social emotional learning program has been developed to encourage, enhance and build safe and supportive learning environments. The Move This World curriculum is delivered through evidence-based, developmentally appropriate videos used to open and close instructional time. Through the video exercises, students develop social skills and strengthen emotional intelligence within Pre-K through high school students." - explanation from the MoveThisWorld website

    Here is a link to their Elementary videos - available now for remote learning
    3. Action for Happiness! Check out this website for monthly activities!
    4. Ways to Motivate your Child! Check out this website from Big Life Journal for motivational ideas and strategies.
    5. Kids Yoga Stories always has plenty of mindfulness ideas and activities! Subscribe to their email and newsletter to receive weekly updates and downloads!
    6. Sanford Fit has a variety of topics that cover SEL and Overall Health such as Emotions and Mood, Coping Skills, Mindfulness and Yoga, Healthy Foods and Exercises, and many more!