Important Information for Parents/Guardians

  • 1. Health Concerns 

    Please inform the nurse’s office of any new medical conditions such as asthma, life-threatening allergies, surgeries or new daily medications.  Feel free to stop by the office, call (609-631-4157 ext 3905) or email to discuss these changes or concerns.

    2. Medications

    NO child is to take or carry PRESCRIPTION or OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS to school (Tylenol, allergy medication, etc.)  If a child, by order of a physician, must receive medications in school, District policy requires both parent and physician signature prior to administrating medication. Therefore, a prescription label IS NOT acceptable in lieu of an MD’s order. A written order must be obtained.  These forms are available in the nurse’s office.  Medication must be in the original container with visible prescription label noted, and handed to the nurse.

    3. Screenings

    Height, Weight, Blood pressure, Vision, Hearing, and Scoliosis screening are completed periodically with a cumulative student record that follows the student from PK to 12th grade.   

    4. Meals and Snacks

    Eating breakfast is an important part of our day.  Please send your child to school having eaten breakfast unless they plan on purchasing breakfast in the cafeteria.  Remember to involve your children in packing their lunch so you are sure they will eat what is sent in to school.  If your classroom is permitted to have a snack, please provide one as we are unable to do so. 

    5.  Food in the Classroom

    Please remember Langtree is a NUTFREE school, however, nut butters are welcome.  At this time, no food is permitted to be sent in to celebrate birthdays.  Please reach out to your classroom teachers for other suggestions to celebrate your child in school.

    6.  Toileting

    Please work with your children to ensure they are ready for using the toilet in school!  Feel free to send in a change of clothing in case they are to need it during the school day.