Medical Management in School

  • If your student is not feeling well, please look at our list of guidelines for when to keep your student home.

    Exclusion List


    If your student has been diagnosed with Asthma, Food Allergies, Diabetes, Seizures or any other Medical Diagnosis please notify the School Nurse.  If your student requires medication be given during the school day please refer to the Medication Forms section of this website.

    Concussion Management

    All concussions should be reported to the School Nurse.  If you believe that your child has suffered a concussion they should be evaluated by their physician and a medical note with accommodations should be provided to the School Nurse.  The School Nurse will communicate with the student's teachers regarding accomodations and progress.  If the student is an athlete, the Athletic Trainer will manage the athlete's "Return-to-Play."  All athletes will have a baseline concussion testing every two years by the Athletic Trainer.

    Please refer to NJ Concussion Policy for more information.

    Janet's Law (for Sudden Cardiac Death)

    Janet's Law requires:

    • All public and private schools K-12 to have an AED on site
    • At least five school employees to be certified in CPR/AED
    • An emergency action plan for a sudden cardiac event
    • The AED to be located in an accessible, unlocked location (such as outside the school gym) with appropriate signage above the unit
    • Signs throughout the school directing people to the AED

    Our school has a Cardiac Response Team lead by the School Nurse as well as an Emergency Action Plan for sudden cardiac event.  Drills are conducted yearly and AEDs are located strategically throughout building.

    Paul's Law (for Seizures)

    Paul's Law authorizes a parent or guardian of a student with epilepsy or a seizure disorder to request use of an individualized health care plan. This individualized health care plan will be developed for each student by the school nurse, in consultation with the parent or guardian of a student with a seizure disorder and other appropriate medical professionals. The plan will be consistent with the recommendations of the student's health care providers and will outline a set of procedural guidelines that provide specific directions about what to do in an emergency. 

    If your student has been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizures please notify the School Nurse.  The School Nurse educates staff on seizure management and will communicate directly with your student's teachers regarding their Seizure Action Plan.  Please see the Medication Forms section if your student requires medications at school.