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    Hamilton Twp School District Community Resource Guide

    The primary role of the schools is to educate children; we as a school district recognize that we can also serve to assist families who are dealing with difficult situations with their children. These issues can clearly impact the child’s ability to benefit from educational experiences. In an effort to assist families, what follows is an updated guide for both parents and professionals, which outlines services for children and families experiencing challenging situations. While this resource guide is not meant to be inclusive of every provider, it does represent a comprehensive list of local providers, services and agencies as well as national hotlines related to various issues. Please be advised that Hamilton Township School District is not recommending any specific provider, but is providing a variety of potential resources as a service to its families. Please note that while many providers do not accept insurance, the client is able to submit receipts to their health insurance for reimbursement when out of network benefits are allowed.
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