Mrs. McWalters

    Welcome to 8th Grade Math! 

    Room C-2

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    • Hello and welcome to 8th grade math class! 🖐
    • The best way to reach me is by email at amcwalters@htsdnj.org.  You should expect a response within 24 hours during the week and on Monday morning if your email is sent on the weekend. 
    • This is my fifth year at Reynolds and I am looking forward to getting to know you this year where together we will talk about how math affects us and how we use math in everyday life. 
    • I expect math learners to be prepared with a binder, paper, pencil/eraser and a "can-do" attitude.  

    ATTENTION Parents/Guardians: 

    1. Please visit your child’s Powerschool Portal to view ALL upcoming due dates for assessments, projects and homework.

    2. Students will be given 1 WEEK to complete and submit a formative or summative assignment.  Teachers will use their discretion about dropping points for late assignments. If not handed in for partial credit after one week, the assignment will receive a "0".  

    3. Assignments that are not submitted on time will have a “0” place holder UNTIL the assignment is completed and submitted.  Once a grade is placed, the "0" is removed.  


    The district grading policy will be followed

    Summative:  50%  tests and projects

    Formative: 40%  quizzes and class participation

    Individual Practice: 10%  homework, summer work, and math center activities  

    This year we will cover the following topics:

    • Transformations ~ translations, reflections, rotations and dilations
    • Linear Equations and Their Applications
    • Angle Relationships
    • Understanding and Analyzing Functions and Their Relationships
    • Statistics and Probability
    • Pythagorean Theorem and its Application
    • Exponents and Scientific Notation

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