• All language students are expected to utilize Flipgrid this year.  Flipgrid is not a 'social media' site therefore all video recordings remain on Flipgrid and are not shared with the public in any way.  The following is  list of rules for Flipgrid use in our class.

    1. Stickers, Emojis, and Blurred Screen may be used to cover a student's face unless otherwise instructed.
    2. All videos will be 'hidden' from class view until the teacher reviews and approves them.
    3. Approved videos will be posted for class view only.  Students may only post reply videos for pre-assigned group members.
    4. Screen recording and sharing outside of the Flipgrid site is prohibited.  Recording and sharing another student's video will be considered cyberbullying and handled in accordance with school policy.
    5. Follow Netiquette Rules when submitting videos.