Return the following paperwork during the first week of your Simulator Unit:

    1. A Completed Permit Application  (INCLUDE SS# & PARENTAL CONSENT) Please keep top boxes blank    ( driver's license number )
    2. The ORIGINAL of EITHER your a. original civil birth certificate with raised seal   b. Original US Passport     c. original I-94 / Resident Card (Some call this a Green Card) d. Your Original United States Citizenship Papers
    3. Your Original Social Security Card
    4. A check or Money Order  Made out to” NJMVC”  for $10.00


    *You will receive your original documents back on the first day of Behind the Wheel.

    *Make sure to hand in a completed AFTER SCHOOL/SUMMER BTW pick up/drop off information permission slip.


    Failure to do the above will result in being skipped over for Behind-the-Wheel!


    Upon completion of Behind-the-Wheel, you must have your permit validated with a parent before practice driving.


    Location: Motor Vehicle Commission Route #1 



    • Original Primary Document ( 4pts )
    • Original Social Security Card ( 1pt )
    • Blue State Exam Card ( 1pt )
    • Show report card for proof of address
    • Student Learners Permit


    Eye Test: MVC will recheck your eyesight

    Road Test: Schedule Road Test


    *purchase Keleigh’s Law red decals as per GDL regulations