• https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xGAlZGZGY4NOHd0PBKWTEYMhGgzpIXwb_r7NBboISB8/edit?usp=sharing  - 2021 Curriculum Guide/ HTSD Middle School based on the 2020 NJ Visual Arts Standards

    The Middle School Art courses reinforce the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, aesthetics and critique.

    The State of New Jersey Art Curriculum Standards focuses on the ability for students to develop visual thinking strategies to communicate about art verbally and written. 

    By eighth grade, students will be able to talk about art based on:  aesthetics, emotional connections, historical/cultural/ contemporary knowledge,  and the Elements and Principles of Art. 

    This ability will inspire creativity and imagination in the art-making process.

    6th & 7th Grade Art Curriculum Overview: A day one day two schedule all year

    Students experience the production of art using a variety of media and techniques to create, perform, analyze and respond.  Students will also understand the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.  Students will create art including the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

    8th Grade Art Elective Curriculum Overview:  Every day all year schedule

    This course provides experience in a variety of media, subject matter, techniques, design theory, and art history.  Art Elective is designed to expand the students' knowledge, abilities and critical judgement as well as introduce new media and skills.  The elective course will draw from themes explored in each of the previous middle school art courses and serve as a culminating experience for the students, combining multiple themes and ideas in the creation and exploration of art.  Students will create art including the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. 

    Major Content: 


    • Observational Drawing
    • Color Theory
    • Visual/Verbal Journaling 
    • Independent learning through research/planning accessing critical and creative thinking skills to develop originality
    • Technology in Art
    • Collage/Mixed Media
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture
    • Portraiture 
    • Anatomy
    • Perspective
    • Elements and Principles of Art
    • Various eras, artists, and cultures around the globe
    • Understanding of art philosophies, judgment, analysis, and critique
    • Wide Variety of Materials- watercolor, tempera, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, recycled objects, cutting and pasting
    • Wide Variety of Techniques- stipple, cross-hatch, blend/shade, dry brush, wet-on-wet, stencil, sculpture
    • Proper studio safety practices to ensure healthy art practice 
    • A wide body of work will be exhibited at the close of the course.