• Our time in vocal music class is spent learning and enhancing our knowledge of musical elements, not only to be successful singers but to build musicians!

    We will do this in a fun and relaxed environment, while learning all different genres of music.  My goal is to expose students to as many styles and forms of music as I can throughout their Middle School Careers.  We will have at least 2 concerts during the school year and 1 field trip per grade level.

    We will focus on the basics of "good singing" techniques and grow our voices in range and timbre.

    Most of all, vocal music will be a class that will challenge students to use their voice correctly in a stress free environment.  

    Here are the key points:

     Course Overview/Goals

    • To experience and gain an understanding of all genres of music
    • To understand and use music vocabulary
    • To create musicianship, individually and as a group
    • To experience and participate in many different styles of music and sing music of various cultures
    • To prepare and perform at various venues