• Classroom Expectations:

    • Arrive to class on time with any materials & your charged computer
    • Your binders are provided and will remain in the classroom 
    • Be mindful of your space, your peers, your teachers, & your safety
    • Be respectful
    • Ask for help when you need it

    Philosophy & Beliefs:

    With both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and NJ certifications in special education, regular education, earth science, and english as a second language, I have been able to develop independent thoughts on curriculum, which has led me to several core curriculum beliefs that have also been discussed and valued with scholars in the field.   I aspire to be an empowering part of the education community and to transmit my knowledge to my classroom, students, and professional learning community.

    Belief I. Curriculum needs to be everchanging to allow for the learner to be challenged and function as a civil part of society.

    Belief II. To encourage all students, providing them with access to a multicultural environment through curriculum that enhances all learners to allow for the practice and development of critical thought processes.  

    Belief III. Curriculum should focus on the progress for all learners to develop a lifelong critical thinker.