• Making an Appointment for your 17 year old Examination Permit Online


    • Go to www.njmvc.gov
    • Click on Online Services (usually the first option that shows up).
    • A white, green and blue screen should appear.
    • Click on MAKE APPOINTMENT  in the white banner.
    • Scroll down in the pop up menu and click on Permit. 
    • Click on MAKE APPOINTMENT in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Scroll down six (6) squares (ON THE LEFT) and click on  


    • Click on the tear drop marked Trenton on the map. 

    (When you hover over the tear drop with your mouse,  it will say Bakers Basin 3200 Brunswick Drive Lawrenceville, NJ, 08648)

    (Click on other MVC locations to see if earlier appointment dates are available if you do not want to wait and do not mind traveling).

    • Select a date and time for your appointment.

    (If it says in pink there are currently no appointments available at this location, follow the  instructions, the facility may be closed temporarily or extremely busy because of Covid , you may want to try to schedule at another location).  

    (The MVC in Salem is about an hour away, but it is an easy drive on 295 South.  Once you get off the highway, it is only a few miles away, with not too many turns).

    • Fill out the application. 

    While filling out the application, it will ask you to 

    Select the Permit Type: 

    Click on the down arrow on the right side of the Please Choose One box. 

    • Click on purchase an auto examination permit (Class D) (17+)
    • Click Submit.