#SEL Week and Day 2024
  • Find three ways you can self-regulate during the day.

    Life can be a bit stressful at times.

    Some days, it's stressful to the point that no amount of skill or training can prevent your brain from releasing cortisol and adrenaline, and/or prevent your amygdala from taking over a little.

    Your brain and body might get a little (or a lot) dysregulated, to the point where it's hard to be your best self, or to the point where you're completely zapped by the time you get home.

    It's not your fault. It's how we were built combined with the raw facts of what your job often entails!

    And it's something you can make a little better by acknowledging when you need to take 30 seconds (or five minutes) to regulate yourself.

    Everyone is different and everyone's situations are different, but here are a few suggestions of what this might look like:

    • Texting a friend (maybe a meme?)
    • Taking a quick walk outside
    • Eating a snack (maybe something chewy, or crunchy, or sour to get a little sensory input)
    • Use your favorite controlled breathing strategy
    • Have a two-minute cry
    • Look out a window for a minute
    • Progressive muscle relaxation (tense and release different parts of your body, one section at a time)
    • Jot down 1-3 things you're grateful for
    • Repeat a favorite positive affirmation to yourself

    My challenge (and encouragement) to you:

    Pick three strategies to keep in your pocket for those days when you need to self-regulate. And then actually use them!


    This information has been brought to you by Sara, the Responsive Counselor, sara@theresponsivecounselor.com, PO Box 58842, Nashville, TN 37205