• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How is my child assigned to a school in the Hamilton Township School District?
    The Board of Education directs the assignment of pupils to the schools, programs, and classes of this district consistent with the best interests of pupils and the best uses of the resources of this district, as per District Policy 5120- Assignment of Pupils.

    Pupils shall generally attend the school located in the attendance area of their residence. To locate the schools within your residential boundary lines, please use the School Finder Tool. The Superintendent may assign a pupil to a school other than that designated by the attendance area when such an exception is justified by circumstances and/or is in the best interests of the pupil.

    2. What is the Public School Choice Program?
    New Jersey's Interdistrict Public School Choice Program enables approved choice districts to enroll K-12th grade students who do not reside within their districts without cost to their parents. Please visit the NJ DOE Public School Choice Program Website for more information.

    3. Can I choose what school my child will attend in the Hamilton Township School District?
    No. The Hamilton Township School District does not participate in the Public School Choice Program. Permission to attend a school outside of the residential boundary lines, or zones, is granted only if requests meet specific criteria as outlined in District Policy 5120- Assignment of Pupils. The Superintendent or Designee will review all requests for a  “Zone Waiver”.  Appropriate documentation is required for a request to be reviewed.

    4. What is a Zone Waiver Request?
    A  Zone Waiver Request is based on the following criteria:

    1. Legal mandates (court order, parental custody)
    2. Child Study recommendations
    3. Homelessness, Department of Child Protection and Permanency intervention
    4. Students in good standing having attended Hamilton Township Schools for two consecutive years and entering 5th, 8th or 11th grade who move within Hamilton Township borders, may petition for a zone waiver to remain in their current school through graduation or promotion
      • The appropriate documentation must be submitted, along with the Special Request/ Zone Waiver Form
      • No Zone Waiver request shall be accepted without required documentation. 
      • Zone waivers are approved for one year only. 
      • Transportation must be the responsibility of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) with the exception of Child Study placements. 
      • School assignments will be determined based upon the availability of space and request accommodations at an alternate district school. 
      • Zone Waivers must be resubmitted annually and reviewed for a continuance of approval. Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will receive a written letter of approval or denial of Zone Waiver requests.

    5. Can the Principal rescind a Zone Waiver?
    Yes. Each assignment is based upon the pupil’s previous performance, test scores, and teacher recommendations to ensure maximum development and optimum adjustment in accordance with the pupil’s potential and goals. Assignments will only be changed if it is shown that an assignment was arbitrary, capricious or discretionary.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Administration: (609) 631-4100 ext 3048