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       AP Computer Science A Summer Assignment 

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    AP CSP


    Grades 10-12 (5 credits)
    Prerequisite: Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles (80% or higher) AND Teacher Recommendation.

    This college level course introduces students to the study of programming methodology and procedural abstraction in the Java programming language. It encompasses the collection of technical skills and scientific methodologies one needs to create high-quality computer-based solutions to real problems. The primary purpose is to provide students with a conceptual background in computer science and programming techniques.
    It is designed for students who desire to learn how to write programs that solve specific problems in various subjects, including mathematics, science and business. AP Computer Science A requires students to possess: 1) familiarity with mathematical notation at an Algebra II level; 2) experience i problem solving; 3) an appreciation of the need to structure and develop given topics in a logical manner; and 4) competence in written communication. It prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Computer Science Level A examination through which they may receive college credit at many colleges and universities. For more information, please refer to: College Board/AP Computer Science A . Students enrolled in this course are required to sit for the Advanced Placement exam.