Degrees and Certifications:

Christine Conte

Mrs. Conte

7th & 8th Grade Math

Room B6


Hello! This is my 11th year teaching middle school math and my 1st year at Reynolds. I am excited to start this school year!


Classroom Expectations

Come to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn every day.

Always try your best. 

Be kind and respectful. 

Hand work in on time. 

Follow all classroom rules. 


Grading Scale

Summative 50%

Formative 40%

Individual Practice 10%

Your marking period grade will follow the district grading policy which is broken down using the three categories above. Summative grades will include tests and large projects. Formative grades will include quizzes, small projects, and some classwork assignments. Individual Practice grades will include homework assignments and some classwork assignments. 


Attention Parents/Guardians:

1)Please visit your child’s Powerschool Portal to view ALL upcoming due dates for assessments, projects and homework.

2)Students will be given 1 WEEK to complete and submit a formative or summative assignment. Teachers will use their discretion about dropping points for late assignments.  If not handed in for partial credit after one week, the assignment will receive a Zero.

3)Assignments that are not submitted on time will have a “0” place holder UNTIL the assignment is completed and submitted.  Once a grade is placed, the Zero is removed.  

4) Homework is due the school day after it is assigned. Homework will not be accepted late.

7th Grade Topics

Operations with Rational Numbers

Identify and represent Proportional Relationships

Proportional Reasoning

Solve problems with Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

Draw and Analyze Two Dimensional Figures

Circumference and Area

Analyze Surface Area and Volume

Use Statistics and Graphs to Compare Data

Understand and Apply Theoretical and Experimental Probability

8th Grade Topics


Transformations ~ translations, reflections, rotations and dilations

Linear Equations and Their Applications

Angle Relationships

Understanding and Analyzing Functions and Their Relationships

Statistics and Probability

Pythagorean Theorem and its Application

Exponents and Scientific Notation