Clubs and Activities

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    Book Club: Cover to Cover
    This student-led club celebrates the love of reading and challenges members to experience a variety of genres and writing styles. Each year we read several books together as a group, and we also hold book tastings in which each person reads a different title within a particular genre and booktalks their title for the group. We meet every third Wednesday of the month and are advised by the Librarian.

    Chess Club
    In Chess Club, we welcome new players to learn the basics and improve their level of play. Advanced players will learn different chess maneuvers and strategies. The Chess Club will play competitively amongst themselves and other schools.

    Class Officers
    The Senior and Junior class officers oversee the planning of activities such as the proms, Class Night, the Senior /Junior Social, Homecoming and Graduation. 

    Concert Band
    The Concert Band performs in two seasonal concerts throughout the year: one in the winter and the other in the spring.

    Dance Team
    The Dance Team is a club with the skill and enthusiasm of a varsity team. These talented individuals meet up to four times a week to work out,  learn challenging routines, and showcase their talent and skill at basketball games. 

    Debate Team (Public Speaking and Debate)
    Members of the Debate Team meet periodically over the course of the school year to practice public speaking, oratory skills, and plan written policy presentations. Students can choose to participate in the CVC Debate League, which holds regular debates at CVC schools.

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    The purpose of the Future Business Leaders of America Club is to prepare members for careers in business and to assist them by becoming better employees and citizens. FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities, prepares them for entry into a business-related occupation, and offers a setting where members compete at regional, state and national levels in the business and technology curriculum.

    Distributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A.)
    D.E.C.A. is a student organization whose program of leadership and personal development is designed specifically for students who are enrolled in Marketing, Management and International Business, and Economics programs. 

    Environmental Club
    The Environmental Club spreads awareness of climate and environmental challenges and promotes collaboration between students, staff, and the community to promote a more sustainable environment.

    German Club
    The German Club meets to learn about and celebrate German traditions, especially those associated with Oktoberfest, Christmas, and Karneval. They also do a community service project each year.

    Italian Club
    The Italian Club was formed to give the students a greater appreciation of the language, culture, customs, history, and foods of Italy. Each year the club travels to New York City and participates in Italian American studies. Members are offered the opportunity to travel to Italy and sponsors fund-raisers through the sale of Baci chocolates and cannoli pastries with proceeds earmarked toward the construction of a Bocce Court.

    Jazz Band
    The Jazz Band meets in the evening and is composed of students interested in the wide range of American Jazz. To qualify for the band a student must audition and be accepted.

    Junior ROTC - Star Club
    This program is led by Army personnel and is comprised of three components: leadership skills, personal fitness, and basics of military drill. Students from all three Hamilton Twp high schools are welcome to participate. There is no commitment to joining any military branches. Team building and military career opportunities & college tuition assistance can be explored. 

    Literary Magazine: Caelestis
    Caelestis is Nottingham's literary magazine. It encourages students' creative efforts by publishing original prose, poetry, and artwork. Student editors review work submitted, make selections, prepare copy for the printer, and plan the final layout of the magazine. 

    Marching Unit
    The Marching Unit entertains the crowd during halftime at football games, marches in parades, plays at pep rallies and participates in competitions. Every two years the unit travels to Disney World where they march in the parade down Main Street. 

    Math Club
    The Math Club competes in math contests throughout the state. The club competes for CVC titles by achieving an average score of 3-4 at each meet. The math club allows participants to meet new people and enhance their math skills through friendly competition. 

    Medical Careers Club
    The Medical Careers Club gives students who are interested in a career in a medical field an opportunity to learn about medical topics, visit colleges and museums with a medical connection, and to listen to guest speakers about various medical careers. All are welcome.

    Mock Trial
    Mock Trial is a club designed to increase participants’ knowledge of the practice of law. Students try out for various parts in a "mock" court case on either the defense or prosecuting sides of a case. After practicing they go to the Court House to compete with various schools. Cases are judged on professionalism, the practice of law, and how well the team sticks to the rules. 

    National Honor Society
    The National Honor Society is committed to academic and personal excellence. Juniors and seniors must first qualify with a scholastic average of 3.75 and then submit form to the advisor by the assigned deadline with an official student activity form. Induction into the National Honor Society is held in the spring of each year. Throughout the year, members work together to support the school and community. 

    National Science Honor Society
    The Science National Honor Society is committed to scientific and personal excellence. Juniors and seniors must first qualify with a science scholastic average of 3.75 and then submit a formal application to the society advisor by the assigned deadline. The science faculty reviews the applications and other information to evaluate science scholarship, leadership, and character. Throughout the year, members work together to support the school and community.

    New Jersey Future Educators Association
    The NJFEA is a unique opportunity for Northstars to pursue a career in education. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to actively participate in this statewide organization. If you are looking for an organization that provides leadership events, volunteer hours, and active internships, then the NJFEA is for you. 

    Newspaper: Star Status
    The Newspaper Club produces Star Status, Nottingham High School's official school newspaper. The club meets to write articles and work on the layout and design of the paper, which can be found online. The Newspaper Club needs writers, photographers, researchers, and layout designers. The Star Status staff also accepts articles, cartoons, editorials, photographs, and puzzles from students.

    All of the members of the Nottingham Orchestra participate in the High School District Orchestra, which presents several concerts each year. The Orchestra takes annual field trips to string workshops, the Teen Arts Festival, and New York City. The Orchestra also performs at the Trenton Symphony's concert series. 

    Outreach for the Stars
    The purpose of Outreach for the Stars is to help students, staff, and members of our Nottingham community who are in need. Members provide community service and also help to raise funds for those in need.

    Peer Leadership
    Peer Leaders assist incoming freshmen with the perils of adjusting to high school. They are caring, understanding, upperclassmen who are willing to help the new freshmen in any way they can. In conjunction with the Peer Leadership program, our students are constantly reminded of the importance of character building. 

    Prism Club
    The Prism Club's aim is to bring together and recognize people who identify as LGBTQ+, along with their allies, in a positive environment where they can express their individuality and share experiences.

    Robotics Team
    The Robotics Team offers students in all subject areas the opportunity to build a robot and participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition. The team has been able to maintain a respectable and high-level learning through its hard work and determination.

    Senior Video/A-V Club
    The Senior Video/A-V Club staff produces the annual Senior Video DVD and Senior Prom/Graduation DVD. Students videotape, edit, and design the various segments of the Senior Video such as senior montages, senior events, senior sports, Senior Prom, etc. Producers, videographers, and photographers are all invited to join as well as students who want to learn photography and video editing. The A-V Club is also responsible for the photo content on the display television in the main hallway.

    Safe Driving Club: "U Got Brains"
    This club focuses on student-directed ideas, programs, and planning to help remind our student driving population to drive safely, avoid distractions while driving, and drive defensively.

    Spring Musical
    The annual Spring Musical produces a musical show involving many students. The production allows students to express their talents in areas of drama, vocal music, instrumental music, and dance, as well as stagecraft, lighting, sound, costumes, publicity, and properties. Participation in the activity is through audition. 

    Step Team
    The purpose of the Nottingham Step Team is to perform at basketball games. They help to promote enthusiasm and participation at school events, and to provide enjoyment and activity for the members.

    Student Government
    Student Government represents all of the students in the school. It helps to build school spirit, develop leadership skills, and allows student to become involved in school operations. Among the projects sponsored by the Student Government are pep rallies, social activities, school elections, and community service. 

    Yearbook: Polaris - the Northstar Yearbook
    The purpose of the Yearbook Club is to put together a publication containing a personalized record of the students' school year. The yearbook includes student portraits and highlights activities, events, and sports that are scheduled throughout the school year. No experience is necessary and new members are always welcome! Members discuss and plan the organization and layout of the book. Order your Northstar yearbook today!