ID Badge Information

  • ID Badge Information:

    Throughout the summer, ID Badge photo sessions will be appointment only. Please email

    For all other ID badge questions, please see the following information:


    ID Request Forms: To submit an ID Request form, click here: ID BADGE REQUEST FORM
    Replacement ID Badges: If you have lost your ID Badge or need a correction to your current badge (name change, title change, etc.) simply submit an ID BADGE REQUEST FORM. Once the request is approved by your building administrator, a new badge will be sent to you. ID Request forms MUST be approved by a building administrator.
    Swipe Card/Building Access Issues: If you are having any issues accessing your building(s) with your ID badge or need to modify which buildings you have access to, simply submit an ID BADGE REQUEST FORMID Request forms MUST be approved by a building administrator. 
    New ID Badges: New employees and employees who have never received an ID badge should report to a scheduled ID photo session to receive an ID Badge. Employees must bring their license (or other picture ID) to the photo session in order to receive a new ID Badge. Before attending an ID photo session, employees should submit an ID BADGE REQUEST FORM
    Updated Pictures: Employees who have previously received an ID badge, but would like a new picture, should report to a scheduled ID photo session. Before attending an ID photo session, employees should submit an ID BADGE REQUEST FORM.
    ID Photo Sessions: ID photo sessions are generally scheduled for every Wednesday from 2:45 to 4:30 PM at the HTV Studios. Individuals must provide a driver’s license or other photo ID before receiving their Employee IDs. Before attending an ID photo session, employees should submit an ID BADGE REQUEST FORM. There is no need to make an appointment for an ID photo. Just come by during the scheduled times.
    HTV Location: HTV is located in the back of room C-1 at Steinert High School, 2900 Klockner Road. It's best to use the Steinert Faculty Parking Lot entrance off of Yardville-Hamilton Square Road. From the Faculty parking lot enter the building through the Main doors near the Driver's Education trailer (there's construction going on there, but the entrance is still available), make a left, and room C-1 will be on your left. IF MAIN DOOR IS LOCKED: Please call the HTV studio at 609-631-4150  x3445 to let us know you are in the parking lot and we will let you into the building.
    COVID-19 PROCEDURES: While at HTV masks must be worn at ALL TIMES until directed to be removed. Employees will be directed to remove their masks while their picture is being taken. Once a picture has been taken masks should be immediately put back on. Please observe social distancing at all times while at HTV. 


     DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL HTV FOR REPLACEMENT ID BADGES!! Only ID request forms will be honored.