Hamilton Alternative Virtual Academy

  • For more information regarding the Hamilton Alternative Virtual Academy, please contact the home school guidance department for details or the HTVA at 631-4100 ext. 3417

    This program began in 2008 and is designed for ninth (9th), tenth (10th), eleventh (11th), and twelfth (12th) grade students who have not reached their potential in the regular, comprehensive school setting, have high absenteeism, truancy, or any combination of the aforementioned.

    It is also important that students entering the Hamilton Township Virtual Academy understand the objectives of the program.  They should be placed in the program because it meets their educational needs to graduate. 

    The planning and enrollment involves the Program Planning and Management Committee, consisting of:

    • Secondary Director
    • Virtual Academy School Administrators
    • Student Services Supervisor
    • Guidance Representative
    • High School Principals or Designee

    This committee meets to discuss the success of the Hamilton Township Virtual Academy.  In addition, the committee members review student applications recommended for enrollment. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Anthony DeBonis at adebonis@htsdnj.org 

    Virtual Application (Full Time Student) (make a copy to edit) (For Guidance Counselors Use Only)

    A La Carte Form (Students taking one class at a time)  (For Guidance Counselors Use Only)