BOE Committees (Standing and Other)

  • Hamilton BOE Standing, Subcommittee and Ad Hoc 2024 Committee Assignments

    Board Standing Committees and Subcommittees

    • Curriculum Committee

      • Curriculum Subcommittee
      • Policy Subcommittee
      • Special Services Subcommittee
    • Finance and Operations Committee

      • Facilities Subcommittee
      • Budget Subcommittee
      • Audit Subcommittee
    • Board Personnel Committee

      • District and Community Relations Subcommittee
      • Residency Subcommittee
    • Adhoc Committees

      • Negotiations
      • Technology
    • Other Committees

      • School Climate Committee (Anti-Bullying) - Public Participation Requested
        The School Climate Committee was formed in the 2012-2013 school year to address the concerns of bullying in our schools. The committee's main objective is to train our staff and educate our students on the ways to stop bullying. We want to create a climate that recognizes the need for bully-free schools. 

        This committee meets several times per school year.

        Next meeting: Please contact the Director of Administration - Secondary's Office at 609-631-4100 ext. 3049.  

        School Climate Committee Meetings are held at Hamilton Square Administration Building located on 90 Park Avenue, Hamilton, NJ 08690.

        The public is invited to attend these meetings.