•  Miss Barbara Zukas

    School Counselor

    Anti Bullying Specialist (ABS)

    Affirmative Action Officer (AAO)

    p: (609) 631 - 4157 -Option 2 or ext 3906



    Welcome Back Langtree Bulldogs and our New Bulldogs

    to the 2022-2023 School Year!

    Langtree Elementary School is a State and National School of Character! 

    May's Guidance Lessons will focus on : Diversity, Differing-Abilities, and Acceptance!

    Meet the School Counselor Presentation

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    Please remember Langtree families:

    Don't forget to look on the HTSD main page

    everyday for updates and information.

    Langtree Bulldogs will continue with 
    Social and Emotional Learning this school year!
    We will all learn new Calm Down tools to put in
    our Social Emotional Toolboxes aka our Brains and Bodies,
    such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, etc.
    Mondays are known as Mindfulness Mondays with Miss Zukas!
    Check out the tab for videos, tips and activities!
    Always remember to use your Growth Mindset
    and give it your Bulldog BEST!

    The Growth Mindset Pledge

    Every day I will try my best.  
    I will not quit. I will not rest.  
    Until my brain has grown a bit. 
    And I have learned how to do it.  
    If I fail, I will be ok.  
    I will try a different way.  
    I will say I just can't do it yet. 
    Because I have a Growth Mindset. 

    Bulldog Cheer!

    B-A-R-K   B-A-R-K   B-A-R-K  
    Bark, Bulldogs! 

    B is for Behavior
    We follow the rules.

    A is for a positive Attitude
    We use at school. 

    R is for Respect
      That's the key 

    It's our Re-spon-si-bil-i-ty!  
    K is for Kindness  
    That's a fact.
    Think of others before you act!   
    B-A-R-K   B-A-R-K   B-A-R-K 
    Bark, Bulldogs!

    Win! / Win! Conflict Resolution!

    1. Take Time to Cool Off
    2. Use "I-Messages"
    3. Say Back What You Heard
    4. Take Responsibility
    5. Brainstorm Solutions
    6. Affirm, Forgive, and/or Thank Each Other


    The elementary counseling curriculum is primarily devoted to addressing all the issues that will compliment a student's overall development into young adulthood.

    Guidance lessons are provided to each class one time a month.  The main focuses are Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, and Character Education, which promotes the development of good character traits such as Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness, and Citizenship.

    We also learn about Tolerance and Diversity, Emotional Regulation and Conflict Resolution, Social Skills and Cooperation, Careers and Study Skills, Health and Wellness, Stress and Coping Skills to name a few!

    Other areas that School Counseling focuses on are:

    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Educational Assemblies 
    • Anti-Bullying / HIB 
    • Affirmative Action (AAO)
    • Win/Win Guidelines
    • 5th Grade PALS
    • School Climate / School Safety
    • Crisis Management
    • I&RS and 504's
    • DCP&P (formerly DYFS)
    • Resources for the Community
  • Would you like me to speak/meet with your child?

    Would you like to have a conference with me?

    Please give me a call or send me an email.


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  • Please Do Not Forget: Check the Online Backpack for updates and activities! 

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  • It is a new school year! Have you updated the Parent Portal yet?! Remember, this must be updated every year! No more emergency cards! 

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  • If You Need Any Kind of Assistance for You and Your Family, Please Go to Community Resources and Latest News for Resources

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  • If you are having any technology issues, please contact the main office or the technology department. We want every student to have access to his/her teacher and class so everyone can learn!

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Pillars of Character

Pillars of Character - Respect, Caring, Fairness, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, and Citizenship

Growth Mindset

Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset - Growth VS Fixed Mindset Brain