• Pupil personnel service is a many-faceted program that is integrated into all phases of the curriculum and the school community. The program is concerned with assisting pupils to develop to their potential both intellectually and socially. It promotes self-knowledge and the respect for the rights of others.

    Guidance services continually adjust to the needs of the students. Guidance services include individual counseling, group counseling, Peer Leadership, group conferences, education and vocational meetings, assistance with post-high school education and employment plans, personal problems, and planning an educational program.

    Pupils are assigned to counselors who serve as their advisors throughout their high school years. Counselors work with the cooperation of the entire faculty to meet the needs of the individual.  The Guidance Department encourages students and parents to use the facilities and services of the department.  Students may make an appointment with their counselors by stopping in the Guidance Office before 7:40 a.m. or after school and completing an appointment request form.

    Guidance groups and the names of the counselors are posted in the Guidance Office and classrooms. The Guidance Counselor Assignments file link below also has the information.

    Steinert's CEEB Code:  311483

    Marking Period End Dates

    Marking Period 1: Tuesday November 14, 2023 (46 days)

    Marking Period 2: Tuesday January 30, 2024 (46 days)

    Marking Period 3: Friday April 12, 2024 (45 days)

    Marking Period 4: Thursday June 20, 2024 (46 days)

    The school Guidance Counselors can meet with you to explain the process of applying to college. Please complete this form to request a meeting during a free period (for Modified Day, VIP or Work Program students). Please note that you may not miss class to attend this meeting.


  • Schoolinks is the new platform for the college application process.  More information to follow.

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