About Greenwood Elementary School

  • Greenwood School proudly boasts a student body of over 200 children who come from culturally rich family backgrounds. Our goal is to respect individual differences and build new partnerships while strengthening the home-school-community relationship. As a school community, we understand that such partnerships are essential to the effective teaching and learning of our students.

    Our English Language Arts program is designed to augment students’ mastery of the five core areas of language arts literacy: phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary. This mastery is achieved through small guided reading groups providing differentiated instruction to challenge students at various levels of engagement. Instructional time for language arts literacy includes 90 minutes of reading and writing.

    In regard to mathematics, Greenwood continues to utilize Math Expressions- a program that emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and differentiated instruction. Math instruction takes place 80 minutes a day.

    In addition to formal instruction, Greenwood staff host a variety of programs to foster strong home-school-community relationships that support student learning. These programs include, but are not limited to, a series of Family Literacy, Family ELA and Math Workshops. These evening events engaged parents and children in the skills of contextual analysis and problem solving. Furthermore, they provided forums wherein parents learned how to productively discuss and explore instructional activities with children.

    Through partnerships with our parents, students, and staff, we look forward to ensure that our school community is given the foundation for career readiness. We value and embrace diversity.


    Greenwood Misson Statement:

    The mission and purpose of Greenwood Elementary School is to ensure that our student body is well-educated, individual creativity is nurtured, kindness and personal well-being are fostered, and a love of learning is established. We value and celebrate the unique qualities of each, individual child. Greenwood's school environment is one in which all learners will have the opportunity to succeed and excel through our Core Values: Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance, Integrity, Empathy and Trustworthiness.


    Declaración de la Misión de la Escuela Primaria Greenwood:

    La misión y el propósito de la Escuela Primaria Greenwood es asegurar que nuestro cuerpo estudiantil esté bien educado, que se nutra la creatividad individual, que se fomente la bondad y el bienestar personal, y que se establezca el amor por el aprendizaje. Valoramos y celebramos las cualidades únicas de cada niño individual. El entorno escolar de Greenwood es uno en el que todos los alumnos tendrán la oportunidad de tener éxito y sobresalir a través de nuestros Valores Fundamentales: Responsabilidad, Respeto, Perseverancia, Integridad, Empatía y Confiabilidad.

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