• Welcome to Mrs. Katz's

    Firsties Class

    PLay learn grow

    Hello Families!

    I am thrilled to be back in First Grade this year with your kiddos!

    We hit the ground running in 1st grade!

    My goal is to instill your children with the love of learning.
    I look forward to working with you and your children this year!

                                                 Mrs. Katz :)


    If you ever need to contact me, please do not hesitate.  My school email is:


    dancing pencils

    "Growth is uneven.  Like the seasons, the tides, the turning of the earth on itself and around the sun, the birth and death of stars, the music of the universe- there is an ebb and flow to life that is mystical and spiritual.  Babies are calm at one time of day, fretful at another.  children are more compliant and obedient at one age, more resistant and difficult at others.  Learning seems to come in spurts and be followed by periods of consolidation.  Sudden spurts of physical growth are obvious and are followed by periods of little physical change.  This shifting back and forth is a normal part of the life cycle and appears to continue into adulthood.  Of course, changes are closer together in infancy and less frequent as we become older." -Chip Wood