• My name is Cheryl Grochowski and I am a 6th grade ELA (English Language Arts) teacher here at Crockett. I have been teaching at Crockett for 30 years. Wow, that either means I am getting old, or just well seasoned! Not only am I proud that I teach in Hamilton Township, but proud to be a graduate of this district.

    ELA is an 80 minute block class that focuses on reading and language arts. This means that your 6th grader will have the opportunity to delve into wonderful literature, as well as hone their writing craft. I realize that not every child is as passionate about reading and writing as I am, however I will provide them with endless opportunities to enhance their skills. Reading and writing are not only skills that are essential in school, but in life.

    I have two requests to ask. First, please ask your 6th grader about their assignments on a nightly basis. Not only will this keep you informed of homework, upcoming tests, projects, etc., but it will also make your child aware that you have an active interest in their schooling and that you are aware of what is happening in class.

    My second request - please encourage your child to read on a nightly basis. I know this isn't always an easy task between school work, chores, family obligations, and activities in which your child is involved; however the benefits make it worth the effort. Reading not only improves comprehension, but increases vocabulary and improves writing skills.

    I look forward to working together to make your 6th grader's first year in Cougar Country the BEST!