• Welcome to 8th Grade Math with Mrs. Maggio


    Week of April 26-27 Hybrid

    LOOK at the BLUE BOXES on the LEFT for the CLASSROOM RESOURCE PAGE. This will give you the LINKS for GOOGLE CLASSROOM, GOOGLE MEET, and more.

    I wish for everyone to stay safe and healthy!

                               Go to your Google Classroom Banner for BOTH your Google Classroom link and your Google Meet Link. Just click onto the link and you will be there!


    If you are having problems, take a look at my classroom resource page for more information.



                 Don't hesitate to ask me for help if you are having trouble with a concept.








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    Welcome to my 8th-grade math class! I am looking forward to getting to know you and helping you to be successful in math throughout this year!

    Please always let me know right away if you need help or are having trouble understanding the math concepts.

    I may be contacted through our Crockett e-mail account smaggio@htsdnj.org or my voice Mail 609-631-4149 ext 5139.

    Please leave a message. I will gladly contact you after 3:30 pm within a day.

    Refer to my Calendar for daily and future assignments in addition to class activities.



    You may always access your Pre-Algebra Textbook online. 

    Go to Crockett Middle School (Hamilton Township), Choose our Blue Big Ideas Textbook, then sign into Clever using your Google Account. Then choose our blue book.