• Welcome to Mrs. Satzman's 7th grade Social Studies Class!  


    For all learning, please refer to your class's Google Classroom page.   

    *Remote Learning Procedures & Expectations*

    1. Check your email and Google Classroom every morning.  This way you are prepared for class.   
    2. Google Classroom will be organized in topics.  Each unit will have its own topic, and Announcements and any important information will be another, separate topic.  
    3. Do not be late and come to class!  You will be marked tardy or absent as you would be in school.
    4. Participate! 
    5. Use your camera!  I want to get to know you and be able to recognize you when we go hybrid!  Your friends want to see you!  Let's make this experience as "normal" as possible!  We could all use some smiles!
    6. During remote learning, the expectations of your work in school are the same expectations for your work at home.  This includes:
    • Any reading passages assigned or videos to watch are to be read and watched.  Do not Google the answers to questions.  
    • Academic integrity:
      • Copying and pasting from the internet is not your work.  This is unacceptable when you are in school and it is unacceptable when you are at home.
      • Any information taken from the internet must be praphrased, otherwise it is considered plagiarism and will result in a loss of credit.
    • If you are unclear about these expectations, you can find the District's Acceptable Use of Computer Network/Computer and Resources here.  Also, academic integrity is emphasized in the Crockett Student Handbook.
    • Thank you for adhering to these expectations.


    *When we return to school*

    1. Masks all the time unless you are eating, playing an instrument, or any situation where it is not possible.
    2. Practice social distancing.  6 feet at apart whenever possible.
    3. There will be a health check when you arrive. 
    4. Wash your hands before homeroom.
    5. You will be assigned a seat in class.  Sit in that seat only.
    6. Visits to the nurse will only be for emergencies.  Your teachers will have band aids and basic care for you in their classrooms.
    7. Do not expect to be allowed to use the restroom as often as you ocne were.  The idea is to limit your exposure to the virus as much as possible.  The less you move around the building, the safer you are.
    8. Smile with your eyes all the time!
    9. Do your best to make this a positive year!  



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