• Welcome to Mr. Kenworthy's 8th Grade Self-Contained Class!!!

    Science/Social Studies /Math/ELA 



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     Our 2022-2023 Class Schedule:

    Period 1- Cycle/Gym/Health/Elective                 

    Periods 2/3-Science(Semester 1),  Social Studies (Semester 2) 

    This year in Science, we will be using HMH Science, and supplemental materials. Our class will focus on studying Science Safety, Earth Science, Rocks, Atmosphere, Water Cycle, Human Interaction, Natural Selection, Evolution, and Basic Chemistry.  Learners will work collaboratively, by participating in labs, and hands-on science activities throughout the course of the semester. Students will be given a participation grade as part of their individual practice. Educational games and computer programs  may be included in their week if time permits.

    These classes will be graded on a combination of quizzes, tests, projects, & labs (science).  

    Periods 4/5-Math 

    This year, in math, we will be using Big Ideas Math series, V Math, and supplemental materials. Our main focus will be primarily the student’s IEP Goals and Objectives. Our class will focus on studying the number system by reviewing integers in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We will solve mathematical and real-life problems using numerical expressions, solving equations, transformations, Pythagorean theorem, geometry, learning angle measurement, area, and volume. We will also begin to understand statistics and probability. Learners will use a multisensory approach to improve in areas. Learners will also work collaboratively to apply math reinforcement skills.  Students will be given a participation grade as part of their individual practice. Educational games and computer program use may be included in their  week, time permitting.

    Math instruction will be center-based. We will begin as a full group and students will rotate centers throughout the period.  

    Period 6-LUNCH 

    Periods 7/8- ELA 

    This year in ELA, we will be doing a ton of activities.  All of the work will be aligned to the 8th grade curriculum of Hamilton and to grade level standards. In ELA, we will be doing a variety of activities including: journals, silent reading, partner reading, marking period projects, weekly spelling tests, centers, novels, short stories, grammar, and writing. 

    ELA instruction will be centered-based. We will begin as a full group and students will rotate centers throughout the period.        

    Monday -Spelling/Writer's Workshop/Grammar Workshop 

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Bridges To Literature (stories & skills)

    Friday - Writing/ Grammar Workshop & Spelling/Vocabulary Test

    Daily spelling homework will be assigned. Students will complete homework in their spelling homework notebooks. Spelling tests are Friday

    Period 9-Cycle/Gym/Health/Elective    

    Homework Folders will be given daily, Monday-Friday. Students are required to have their homework folders and all materials daily. All homework is required to be completed and returned the next day to obtain full credit. 

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Be Respectful to Everyone!!!
    • Follow all directions.
    • Be Prepared
    • Follow the Rules and Procedures from the Student Handbook


    Please make sure you join our Google Classrooms! Here you will find important information pertaining to our class, which will include special announcements, all assignments, and resources you will need to be successful this year. 


    Grading Scale:

    50% Summative Grades (projects, end of module tests, notebook checks)

    40% Formative Grades (quizzes, student presentations) 

    10% Individual Practice Grades ( independent work)


    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at hkenworthy@htsdnj.org.  I will be happy to answer your questions and concerns.




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