• Parent Information


    If a student is sick we can send missing work home with a sibling or neighbor. If the student does not receive work while home sick, they will be given a reasonable amount of time to make up missing assignments. I do not give out assignments in advance for vacations however. Students will be given their work upon their return and again will have a reasonable amount of time to make up the work.

    Reading Logs

    Reading Logs were given out on the first day of school. Your child should be reading 20 minutes (minimum) a night. What they read is up to you. Studies show that students who read or are read to on a regular basis perform better in school.

    For the reading log, please write the number of total minutes read and initial the box each night. IF YOUR STUDENT DOES NOT COMPLETE THE READING, please do not sign the reading log. Students are expected to read every night except 2 for the month.  Any student reaching the goal of 20 minutes for every night except two for the month will receive Star Cash. 


    Student work will be saved throughout the year in the classroom. All work will be put together in a scrapbook your student will bring home at the end of the year. If you wish to have any of their work during the year, please let me know and I will make sure you get it.


    Spelling tests (20 words) will be given most full weeks of school. Students will receive the words on Monday and will be tested on Friday. Science and Social Studies tests will be given with a week's notice. Geography tests will be given every 10 questions and students will use their notebooks as the study guide. 

    Test Packets

    Test Packets are stapled graded assignments that will come home to you periodically. Please look through the papers, sign the front page, and return it with your child to school. The purpose of these packets is to make sure you are aware of your child’s progress and performance. Please contact me with any questions that you might have about something in the packet.