• school counseling

    During remote learning, Ms. Greene will be available to speak with students and their families via phone, class dojo, or google meet during the hours of 9:00am - 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.

    To schedule a virtual meeting with Ms. Greene please click here

    *Students please click here to check in daily or as needed with Ms. Greene



    Week of Respect!

    Good Morning Comets,

    Next Week will be the Week Of Respect! Respecting someone or something means that you are treating them in a way that makes them feel cared for or important! To prepare for next week, here is an optional video you can watch to learn more about respect! https://youtu.be/GOzrAK4gOSo 

    Everyday next week you will explore more information about respect in your morning meetings. You will also have the chance to participate in activities about respect! However, you will only find them in your morning meeting so you don't want to miss it!

    Below is the optional clothing guide for next week!

    On Monday wear GREEN to show your Mindful Mindset!
    On Tuesday wear Clothing with Positive Statements
    On Wednesday wear YELLOW/GOLD for the Golden Rule
    On Thursday wear RED to Show you are Drug Free
    On Friday wear PURPLE for being Imaginative



    Welcome Back Kisthardt Comets!

    We are starting this school year off in a unique way and I know we all will work together to make this year amazing. At times virtual learning can be challenging! However it is important to understand that myself and everyone else here at Kisthardt are here to support you. Good luck this year I can not wait to meet you all.