• Applied Technology 6-8 Remote Learning

    Please see the links for Google Classroom to the right of this page. On the Google classroom page is the Google Meet link for each class. We will be utilizing this link for the foreseeable future.

    Students and parents can use this page to access Google classroom codes, assignments, and information designated for Remote Learning and Home Instruction. Each day, lessons will be live-streamed. The link for our live stream will be posted in Google classroom. Additional updates will also be posted in Google Classroom. If a student is having difficulty with a lesson or assignment, please contact me via e-mail or Google Classroom...I'm here to support my students! 

    Students will need to be signed in using their Hamilton Twp Google ID and Password. This is necessary to properly access assignments.

    We will primarily be using Google Classroom as a way to communicate assignments, expectations, questions, and concerns with students.

    Thanks for your understanding during this time.

    • 7th Grade Period 2

      7th Grade Period 2 Applied Tech Class code: azxzpvx

    • 8th Grade Period 3

      8th Grade Period 3 Applied Tech Class code: ucsp5de

    • 6th Grade Period 7

      6th Grade Period 7 Applied Tech Class code: gxftark

    • 7th Grade Period 8

      7th Grade Period 8 Applied Tech Class code: ap5t67i

    • 8th Grade Period 9

      8th Grade Period 9 Applied Tech Class code: j33o3ag