• Mrs. Mercer's Weekly Update

    Monday, October 25, 2021 


    Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! I am loving this crisp, fall weather. With fall weather comes cooler temperatures. I like to keep our windows open, so please come in with sweatshirts! 

    As we continue in Social Studies, we will be learning about natural resources people use to help them live. Later in the week, we will start learning about the structure of our government and what we can do as citizens to have our voices heard.

    In math, we will be learning the distributive method to help us multiply. Later in the week, we will learn the "Shortcut Method" or the "Standard Method". This method is probably what you are most familiar with, as it's what we learned when we were in school. I would like students to learn all three methods for multiplying and practice with them. However, by the end of the week, students can pick their favorite method and solely use that to help them multiply. We learn the area model and distributive methods first because they help us understand WHY the shortcut method works. Many other math concepts in middle and high school will also build on the area model and distributive method.

    In reading, we will read some of my favorite myths like "The Curse of Winter" and "Pandora's Box". These myths can teach us some great lessons. We can also take a peek into Greek culture and what they believed many many years ago. We've really been enjoying learning about all the different Gods and Goddesses and their character traits. 

    Lastly, in writing, we are going to begin drafting the first and second paragraphs of our fiction stories this week. We have some great ideas for our stories and I can't wait to use our first two paragraphs to introduce our setting, characters, and problems. 

    Friday is our Halloween celebration. Please refer to Mr. Czyz's update for information. If you wish to take your child home after the parade, please fill out the form on his update. They will not be missing any instructional work at that time.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via remind or email (cmercer@htsdnj.org)