Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree: English & Secondary Education from Monmouth University Certification: English Language Arts (6-12) with advanced standing

Mrs. Brittany Bronski


 Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts [ELA]! 

This class is a Board approved course of study for 8th grade English Language Arts.  Topics include grammar usage, writing strategies, reading strategies, literary elements in different types of text, vocabulary, and exposure to different types of literature. The focus of 8th grade ELA is to build upon skills that you began to acquire during your years in middle school and help prepare you for high school. We will read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and watch movies. We will write In short: you will read (and ENJOY) more than you’ve ever read, and produce more quality writing than you’ve ever written. Our goal is us our newly developed skills to interpret and analyze literature. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll be extremely proud of your achievements in this class.


Always come to class prepared and ready to work. 

Look at the front board for the daily 'Do Now' and begin working!

Do not slack on your classwork or homework!  Late homework assignments are NOT accepted! 

Work hard, be kind, and follow directions; we will succeed as a team!