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 Welcome to 8th Grade 

Resource Room Math!






Here is some helpful information for success this school year!



  • BE PREPARED. Come to class daily with all of your math materials
  • BE RESPECTFUL. To teachers and peers
  • BE KIND. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • BE RESPONSIBLE. Put forth your best effort, complete your work, and participate



  • Students will set up their math binder with divider tabs in class at the start of the year. It should come to class daily, and remain organized throughout the school year. 
  • Your math binder will be home to all important course curriculum including do nows, notes, homework, and study guides.
  • Additional Resources: Use Clever to access our online Into Math program for further lesson materials.



  • Homework is displayed on the board and in our Google Classroom daily!
  • Homework assignments will be posted with due dates in Powerschool; Please check it!
  • Homework is due the next day! Students will have one extra day to complete a homework assignment for 70% (C) credit. If not turned in at that point, it will be a zero for that assignment.



  • You will complete a review, whether it is in class or for homework, before each quiz or test.
  • You may make corrections on any test or quiz. Each corrected problem is worth +2 percentage points added to your score. It is your responsibility as the student to request a corrections sheet. 


GRADING, district policy

  • 50% Summative (Tests & Projects)
  • 40% Formative (Quizzes & Projects) 
  • 10% Individual Practice (Homework)


Attention Parents/Guardians:

Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments,projects, and homework.





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