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 Welcome to 8th Grade 

Resource Room Math!






Here is some helfpul information for success this school year!



  • BE PREPARED. Come to class daily with all of your math materials
  • BE RESPECTFUL. To teachers and peers
  • BE KIND. Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • BE RESPONSIBLE. Put forth your best effort, complete your work, and participate



  • Student’s will set up their math binder with divider tabs in class at the start of the year. It should come to class daily, and remain organized throughout the school year. 
  • Your math binder will be home to all important course curriculum including do nows, notes, homework, and study guides.
  • Additional Resources: Use Clever to access our online Into Math program for further lesson materials.



  • Homework is displayed on the board and in our Google Classroom daily!
  • Homework assignments will be posted with due dates in Powerschool; Please check it!
  • Homework is due the next day! Students will have one extra day to complete a homework assignment for 70% (C) credit. If not turned in at that point, it will be a zero for that assignment.



  • You will complete a review, whether it is in class or for homework, before each quiz or test.
  • You may make corrections on any test or quiz. Each corrected problem is worth +2 percentage points added to your score. It is your responsibility as the student to request a corrections sheet. 


GRADING, district policy

  • 50% Summative (Tests & Projects)
  • 40% Formative (Quizzes & Projects) 
  • 10% Individual Practice (Homework)


Attention Parents/Guardians:

Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments,projects, and homework.





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