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Mrs. Gmitter's 6th Grade Enriched Language Arts Class

  • Course Description

    The sixth grade Enriched Language Arts course is a full year double period (Block) class.  It is designed to challenge students with complex literature that is at or above the regular sixth grade curriculum.  Enriched students are expected to be avid readers and developing writers; they should read a variety of literature independently as well as what is presented in class. 

    In addition to learning the regular ELA curriculum, Enriched students explore concepts on a higher level.  The material in this class is more difficult and moves at a faster pace to engage and challenge the advanced learner to have a deeper understanding of concepts being presented.


    Grammar:  Fundamentals of the correct use of grammar in the English language will be explored.  Furthermore, students will expand their knowledge of the eight parts of speech by learning many ways to use these parts of speech to create more detailed and interesting sentences.

    Writing:  Students will learn about and practice many types of writing including narrative writing, informational writing, expository writing, and argumentative writing.  There will be a focus on developing a deeper understanding of how to write well.  Students will learn many writing strategies that should be included in their writing such as:  Using a “hook”, replacing boring words with vivid, colorful language, varying sentence structure, adding detail (elaborating), and using figurative language.

    Reading:  Students will practice vocabulary and comprehension skills through both fiction and non-fiction.  Various learning materials will be used including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, essays, autobiographies, biographies, etc. in order to introduce and reinforce the many ways that language can be used to communicate and/or entertain.  Students will examine a variety of texts to strengthen comprehension skills such as analyzing characters, setting, theme, mood, making inferences, using context clues, identifying main ideas, understanding author’s point of view, etc.

    Grading Policy

    The following grading weights are DISTRICT WIDE:

    • Individual Practice:  Class Preparation, Classwork, Homework, Class Participation  =  10%

    • Formative Assessments: Quizzes, Short Projects, Vocabulary Assignments  =   40%

    • Summative Assessments:  Tests and Projects  = 50%



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