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Mrs. Griffis

Mrs. Griffis
8th Grade Math
Welcome to 8th grade mathematics!  It is important that this classroom is an exciting, educational, and safe place.  Working together as a team and communicating with one another will help to make this possible.
You are BRAVER than you believe,
STRONGER than you seem,
& SMARTER than you think!
8th Grade Math Course Curriculum
Textbook: HMH Into Math [Online Textbook can be found in Clever]
Unit1: Transformational Geometry
Unit 2: Linear Equations & Aplications
Unit 3: Relationships & Functions
Unit 4: Statistics & Probability
Unit 5: Real Numbers & The Pythagorean Theorem
Unit 6: Exponents, Scientific Notation, & Volume
Grading Scale
Homework: 10% [All problems must be completed & all work shown for credit]
Formative Assessment: 40% [Quizzes - Do Nows - Math Binder - HW corrections]
Summative Assessment: 50% [Tests & Projects]


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