Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. K. Lyon

 Mrs. Lyon 8th Grade Mathematics

2022-2023 School Year  


BLOCK 4/5 and 7/8 Honors ALGEBRA

Daily assignments and all upcoming assessments are listed under the "Week At a Glance" in our Google Classroom under the Classwork Tab.

A pdf copy of our "Class Notes" and "Check Your Understanding" assignments can also be found for each day in our Google Classroom under the Classwork Tab. Scroll down to the chapter we are currently working in to find the date.

"Work Hard, Be Nice. It is that simple."

"Education is not the learning of facts,but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein

I am looking forward to an exciting year building our THINKING CLASSROOM together. This will help us have a deeper understanding of the "why" behind the Algebra and Geometry content we learn to apply, rather than just "mimicking" what we have been shown to do.

Algbera: Units: #1 Modeling with Linear Equations and Inequalities, #2 Modeling with Linear Functions, Linear Systems, and Exponential Functions, #3 Modeling with Quadratic Equations, Functions, and Polynomials, and #4 Modeling with Statistics

 Geometry: Units: #1 Congruence and Constructions, #2 Congruence, Similarity, and Proofs, #3 Trig Ratios and Geometeric Equations, and #4 Geometry with Modeling

District Grading Policy

- 50% Summative Assessments: Tests, Marking Period Binder Check, Flashback Mondays,daily CYU Corrections,  Performance Task (outside of class)

- 40% Formative Assessments: Quiz, Quest, Performance Task (in-class)

-10% Individual Practice: "Check Your Understanding" assignments, Classwork (when collected)

Attention Parents/Guardians: Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming assessments, projects, and homework as well as the completion of the "Check Your Understanding" assignments.

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