• Mrs. McKeever

     Welcome Back!



    I'm excited to start this new 2021-2022 school year! I will be teaching Multisensory Reading as well as 7th Grade In-class Support with Mrs. Cindy Carella Pd 8, and Mrs. Jen Boyer Pds. 5-6.

    I believe that every child deserves to be able to read. I also believe strongly that every child can learn to read, if given the right kind of instruction which truly meets their unique learning style. When I first started teaching at Reynolds in 1996, I searched for an answer to help students whom I could not reach. That is where multisensory instruction came into play. I began using a multisensory reading program based on Orton Gillingham Principles. It worked! I saw such gains in my students that first year, that I was hooked. I am in my 20th year of teaching multisensory reading, helping students succeed as readers and reach their highest potential. My expectations for my students are that they put in a strong effort in class each day, and take advantage of this oportunity to improve their reading. I believe communincation between home and school is very important for student success. Parents, please feel free to contact me at the email provided above with any questions or concerns. 

    Baseline Assessment is given at the beginning of school. Instruction will address the weaknesses and gaps made evident through the Baseline assessment. I follow the District Grading Scale: 50% Summative, 40% Formative, 10% Individual Practice. Independent Practice Grades are completed in class under my supervision, to enable immediate correction and feedback. Quizzes of New Learning (decoding and spelling) are counted as Formative Grades. Post Tests at the end of each level are counted as Summative grades. 



    Please visit your child's PowerSchool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework.