Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Wagner

My name is Ryan Wagner and this is my 19th year of teaching in Hamilton Township.  I spent my first 17 years at Reynolds Middle School in either 6th or 8th grade.  I used to coach middle school sports at Reynolds and co-ran the school newspaper.  My ambition at Grice is now to be involved on the School Leadership Committee and get involved in some after school clubs like soccer, futsal, or board games.  I have been married to my wife, Lena, for over 14 years now and we have two children, Max, 13, and Ava, almost 7.  My hobbies are sushi, reading, exercising, Philadelphia sports teams, and my son's travel soccer team.  My goal is to create a safe, comfortable learning environment where students sometimes feel like campers.  The students will be able to be competenent at public speaking, have an increased effectiveness in written expression, and awareness of other culturers and languages around the world.  In college my main historical areas of study were Late Imperial China, Ancient Greece, and early 20th century history.  You can email me with any questions at 



The curriculum for 7th grade involves:

1.  The formation of specific social ideals and patterns in ancient river valley civilizations.

2.  An Analysis of the evolution of the Middle East

3.  An analysis of Chinese and Japanese culture

4.  Considering the challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa in the global economy

5.  Inida and South Asia