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Matthew T. DiBiase

Please check Mr. DiBiase's Google Classroom pages for any assignments. 


Update: Thursday, 3/19/20

Packets for students without computer access are located in the main office of Nottingham High School.  Each packet has the student's name on it.  This applies for students in both Period 2 US History I and Period 8 World History.  Please call Nottingham High School at (609)-631-4161 about how to acquire the packet.


If you have any questions about the assignments, please do not hesitate to e-mail Mr. DiBiase at:


Here are the links for Mr. DiBiase's Google Classroom pages:

Period 2 - US History I 

Period 2 Google Classroom Code: n73fek6


Period 8 - World History

Period 8 Google Classroom Code: srgsf32