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    Welcome to my web page! My goal for this year is to create an environment that encourages productivity, creativity, and success. I want you to walk away from this class in June having further develop your artistic skills, as well as, having a better understanding of the Visual Arts. I have devised ways in which I feel will make this class as effective as possible. However, as the year goes on and our experiences change, methods and procedures may need to be modified to benefit the whole class.


    The purpose of high school Art courses are to strengthen your higher-level thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Critical thinking is the ability to think on your own without outside influence. Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. In essence, art teaches you to think for yourself and gives you confidence to solve complex problems. Critical thinking skills are the link between basic knowledge and great achievement. Our behavior must support this purpose.


    Class Rules

    1. Arrive to class on time. When you arrive please come in immediately.
    2. Food and drinks are not permitted in the room.
    3. Refrain from talking during instructions.
    4. Be respectful of others during classroom work time.
    5. Clean up  your own mess.
    6. All materials/supplies should be returned to the proper location.
    7. The entire room should be clean before the class leaves.
    8. Remain seated until the bell rings. Do not crowd around the door!!
    9. Passes will only be given if absolutely necessary.
    10. No Cell Phones out during class, unless instructed.


    Art Journal 9” x 12” Spiral on side 

    Pencils 2B, + 6B or Eboney 

    Pencil sharpener 

    Color Pencils 24 Pack (48 Prisma Optional)

    2 Extra fine Sharpie Markers (or felt tipped)

    White Art Eraser 

    Large Zip-Lock bag for storage  (Roughly 14"x16")

    Medium Scissors (Optional)

    2 Large Glue sticks 

    Round 7" (10 well) Paint Palette with Lid 

    Acrylic Paint Brush Set

    12” Metal Ruler (Optional)


    * It is important that you come to class everyday with these materials so that you can record your thoughts, ideas, journal entries, and notes. Being prepared for class will count as part of your grade.



    Journals will be periodically collected (multiple times each marking period) and evaluated through the year. You will be provided with a list of everything that is required to be in the journal approximately 1 week before journals are due. Your evaluation will also reflect your organization and creativity.



    If a project or assignment is due the day you are absent you will be expected to turn it in the day you return. If you are absent the day a test is taken you will also be expected to take it the day you return. You are responsible for getting notes, handouts, materials, and other assignments that were given the day you were absent. In addition, any handouts, that you need can found in the file folders on top of the yellow cabinet in the front corner.



    The majority of your homework will be to keep your journal up to date. There is limited time to work on your journal in class, the rest is to be worked on at home, and only to be worked on in class if you have completed a project early. In addition, homework will consist of keeping up to date and finishing any projects at home, if necessary to meet deadlines.



    All of your projects will be evaluated using a written or verbal rubric.  A rubric will help you to recognize what needs to be accomplished in order to receive a desired grade.  I expect everyone will strive to reach and exceed the requirements of and “A”

    Grading Policy


    Summative Assessments (SA), 50% — Project work (graded by these variables: Aesthetic, Craftsmanship, Creativity, Work Ethic), Occasional Written Tests, Presentations


    Formative Assessments (FA), 40% —Verbal Critique, Sketchbook Journal, Handouts / Worksheets, Drawing Challenges


    Individual Practice (IP), 10% —Do now, Brainstorming, Sketches, Technique Practice, Homework, Substitute Assignments, Drawing Challenges


    NOTE 1: Students must complete all required work in order to receive full credit for work. If you are struggling to understand or complete an assignment, see the teacher promptly.


    NOTE 2: Late work is accepted but will receive a 10-point (one letter grade) deduction. If you are absent or falling behind in work, see the teacher immediately.


    NOTE 3: Grades are available on PowerSchool. Students should check progress at least once a week. If you cannot log into PowerSchool, ask your Guidance Counselor for assistance.