• A HUGE thank you to everybody (in person and not) who auditioned for the Steinert High School Color Guard!  We applaud your dedication and hard work.  We wish we could have taken everyone, but unfortunately this year we could not.  Remember if you did not make it this year, please come out again next year!  You made it very difficult to make this decision.



    Hannah Hutchins*

    Kendra Baggot

    Amira Soto*

    Noelle Kein*

    Rebecca O’Brien

    Madison Szczepanski

    Lauren James

    Emma Levinson*

    Selena Kutz

    Lauren Nacker

    Sarah Thomas

    Lucy Kelly

    * denotes Captain for the 23-24 season

    • Our first practice/parent meeting is Monday, June 12, 2023 from 6-8.  During this practice we will audition for Rifle/Saber.  (please try and have a parent or guardian come).